ENTER SITE : Preeti Desai shot to fame when she was crowned Miss Great Britain 2006 making history for being the first woman of colour to win. Being a professional model Preeti has now took her first step into the world of cinema with a role in a feature film.
SYNOPSIS : Preeti (born 29th September) a British Indian born and raised in England in North Yorkshire, where she has her family home, and since 2008 has a base in Mumbai city too. Speaking her first languages English and Gujarati Preeti now speaks reasonable Hindi. While working as a professional model Preeti developed her acting skills by taking courses and workshops and now will appear in her first feature film 'Shor In The City' English title 'Noise'. With a passion for Film, Music, Travel, Photography, Food/Drink and People, Preeti enjoys and loves the life she calls an adventure. She has a talented artistic younger sister Anjlee who is a singer/songwriter. Preeti's philosophy is 'The universe exists within you, ask all from yourself' Grounded and down to earth Preeti is a fresh new addition of great talent in the Industry. Come join Preeti on her journey
MESSAGE FROM PREETI DESAI : Hello and welcome to my official site! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all my well wishers who have given me so much love and support. I feel blessed that the universe has presented me with a gift of being able to do something I'm passionate about and love. Hope you enjoy the site, I will try to update it regularly.
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